OnSite & NearSite Clinics

Provide Your Employees Direct Healthcare
and Control The Costs Yourself
yes you can...
as a business owner
with the MedallusCare program

Why MedallusCare

    Healthcare changes in the recent years have resulted in clinics being acquired and doctors employed by hospitals and large health systems, allowing everyone's health to be exploited as revenue generating opportunities - thus the increasing healthcare costs and hesitation by patients to seek the needed care. 

    The changes resulted in higher deductible plans and increasing unnecessary procedures, referrals, and claims, making employees afraid to go to the doctor or use their health insurance, while seeking other employment with better benefits. 

     What is the solution?  

     Simply bypass the system...  and create one yourself

     With MedallusCare, you can have your own onsite and nearsite clinics to provide direct care for your employees to control your company's healthcare costs yourself, while helping your employees avoid hospital-owned clinics who are revenue driven. 

   Business owners and employees can now receive affordable primary care and urgent care without deductible balances and unnecessary medical bills, while major surgical procedures are available with transparent discounted pricing, all of which help reduce premiums. Now true medicine is being provided to employees and their families with little or no costs for 90% of their medical needs. 

Why are the healthcare costs rising?

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