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OnSite Clinic

The ultimate healthcare for Salt Mine Members

Why Sign up for the Salt Mine OnSite & NearSite Clinic access

To receive care for illness, injury, and primary care needs at $10/visit without extra charges if you have no insurance or have high deductible health insurance plan

OnSitle Clinic

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Located on the same premises

facing 1300 E


7 days a week

Other Locations

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How Does It Work


Salt Mine has contracted with MedallusCare to provide onsite and nearsite clinics solutions for its members with the following features for urgent care and primary care needs.

  • Onsite clinic conveniently located at the end of the building

  • Access to 7 other Medallus Urgent Care clinics

  • Pay low monthly fees ($25-$100) for you and your family

  • Pay $10/visit, in-clinic procedures included 

  • Open 7 days /week, 363 days /year, morning til evening

  • Walk in for urgent care needs

  • Make appointment for primary care visits

  • No insurance billing, eliminating deductible balances

  • Fast, friendly, and quality services

  • Contracted with local specialists and surgeons for better pricing for imaging and surgical procedures


Urgent Care

  • Acute illnesses - sore throat, ear infection, sinus infection, bronchitis, pneumonia, UTI, kidney infection

  • Acute injuries - cuts, sprains, broken bones, back sprain

  • In-clinic procedures - strep test, influenza test, mono, urinalysis, antibiotic shots, breathing treatment, IV fluid hydration, stitching, abscess draining, splinting, casting, and more 


Primary Care

  • Annual physicals & preventive health screening visits 

  • Management of chronic disease such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, allergy, high cholesterol, thyroid problems, and more


Membership Fees

These rates are exclusive for members of the Salt Mine as long as the Salt Mine membership is active

  • Individual - $25

  • Party of 2 - $50

  • Party of 3 - $75

  • Family of 4 - 6 - $100

  • Additional - $25

  • Sign up fee - $20

Exclusive for Salt Mine Members 

Membership excludes - chronic pain management, advanced psychiatric care, and care provided by other clinics and facilities.  This is not a health insurance plan.

If you have question regarding our membership, please feel free to contact us.

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