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Empowering your practice

  • ​Become more exposed to the community 
  • See more patients for your practice
  • Help bring back affordable healthcare
  • Generate more revenue with no insurance billing

The Benefits

More Patients 

Thousands of lives around your practice are searching for affordable quality care, but end up in large health systems who have advertising power and pay much more for care. 


Through education and solutions we offer, MedallusCare brings patients back to private practices as the trusted clinics they longed for. 

No Insurance Billing

The traditional way of earning revenue no longer works well for practices due to high deductibles that requires going after patients for balances, negatively affecting relationships. 


Proven over 9 years, Medallus has generated extra stream of revenue that is more than billing insurance, which can now be a part of your practice. 

Practice Efficiency

Medallus brings various solutions and assistance to practices who are looking to improve business efficiency, quality care, customer service, and more revenue with no costs to join the alliance. Private practices are the key to recovering our healthcare system.  It is time for patients and clinics to come together to maintain independence and restore the healthcare balance.

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