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affordable healthcare once again

at $10/visit

  • ​Urgent Care
  • Cough, sore throat, fever 
  • Cuts, sprains, broken bones
  • Primary Care
  • Diabetes, hypertension,
  • Physicals, annual check ups
  • Set high deductibles aside
  • No more claims or medical bills

Only at 

MedallusCare-dark blue.png

The Benefits


With affordable urgent care and primary care clinics through MedallusCare, you will not hesitate to see a doctor to get  well.


Minor tests and treatments are included in the visit without extra charges while specialty procedures are finally affordable with transparent prices. 

For little out of pocket,

you have no hesitation

to get well and stay healthy.

You no longer have to use your high deductible insurance to see a doctor and end up paying $100-$200 deductible balances.


Set your health insurance aside and use it only as true insurance in case of major medical needs. Then visit MedallusCare alliance clinics at affordable price to get well and stay healthy. 

A perfect solution for

high deductible insurance plans.

No insurance billing, no invoicing.

With no insurance billing and no deductible balances, Medalluscare brings back better doctor-patient relationship.


Without billing insurance for your care, the drive to generate revenue is removed and your visit with the doctor becomes a true visit without finance being in the way. 

MedallusCare provides

one sure way to bring back

doctor-patient relationship.

Contact us for more information on how to receive affordable care from your employer to stay healthy and happy.

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